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Litigation and Investigative Services

Curious Georgia specializes in multiple investigation services,  including Skip Tracing, Bank Account/Brokerage searches, Judgement Recovery, Pre-Employment Background Checks, Asset Investigations, Tenant Screening, Witness Statements, Scene Inspections, Witness/Video Canvassing, Surveillance and Process Serving.  We also provide unparalleled services in locating people and information nationwide.  Our staff has over 17 years experience in investigation, surveillance, skip tracing and people searches.

Curious Georgia is your source to the information you need.  We strive to return accurate information to you as quickly as possible.

Since our inception we have helped many law offices, repossession companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, bail enforcement agents, law enforcement agencies and various private investigation & research companies find the information they need. Curious Georgia is your perfect fit for any and all Investigative Services.
  • We are an information specialists and, as such, have access to many data bases that the general public is not permitted to access.

  • We search billions of records nationwide, including limited access data bases and state records repositories. 

  • We have compiled one of the largest databases of information in the nation and can make those records available to you.

  • Looking to gather vital information concerning a big case? With our Skip Tracing Services for Lawsuits, the person being researched will never know Curious Georgia is researching them on your behalf.

  • The person being researched is never contacted in any way by our team of experts.

  • Curious Georgia can take the worry out of hiring new staff members and leasing to new tenants by checking out your prospective tenants and employees for you.

  • We never sell client information to third parties. We protect your personal information.
Skip Tracing Bank Accounts

It's an art form​ ​ 

Locating the right information takes more than a click — it's an art form. Curious Georgia aims to deliver the best, most accurate data available. Curious Georgia expertly links and delivers to you the most up-to-date and accurate information that can be obtained.

Curious Georgia is available on your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your phone — all without downloading an app or learning a different platform. Everywhere you work, Curious Georgia is available to you. We know that most work places are fluid, which is why we never impose restrictions on your access. Get the information you need, where you work.